Tripel karmeliet
Tripel Karmeliet mentions 3 grains, which grains specifically? 

Tripel Karmeliet is brewed using barley, wheat and oats. Barley provides the flavor, colour and body while wheat gives our beer its lightness of body and a subtle aroma of freshly baked white bread. Finally, oats bring a creamy mouth-feel and silky finish to achieve the perfect balance you only find in a glass of Tripel Karmeliet.

Why is the year 1679 mentioned on Tripel Karmeliet bottles? 

When refining the recipe of Tripel Karmeliet in the nineties, Antoine Bosteels stumbled upon a historical recipe dating back to 1679 which was almost identical to his.
The recipe related to the Carmelite (or Karmelieten) abbey in Dendermonde, to honor the beers shared heritage the beer is called Tripel Karmeliet.

How do I pour Tripel Karmeliet in a glass? 

Tripel Karmeliet is always poured in a clean, dry glass. Open the bottle and pour into the glass tilted in a 45-degree angle holding the bottle horizontally. Then gradually tilt the glass upright until it’s in an almost vertical position and let the head spread from the top of the lilies to the brim of the glass.

How do I store Tripel Karmeliet best?  

Tripel Karmeliet should be stored dark and cool. A cellar with a stable temperature or the fridge is ideal.
Store Tripel Karmeliet upright, this way the yeast stays at the bottom.

How long can I store Tripel Karmeliet?  

You can store Tripel Karmeliet for 18 months. However, we advise to not wait for that long. Savour your Tripel Karmeliet as fresh as possible for the best taste.

Is there difference between Tripel karmeliet from the bottle and from draught? 

Yes. The bottled Tripel Karmeliet is also refermented. This leads to slightly more CO2, a little higher ABV and more aromas.
It’s impossible to referment on draught. That’s way Tripel Karmeliet on draught is slightly fresher and a bit more easy to drink.

What is the nutritional value of Tripel Karmeliet? 

You can find all nutritional value of Tripel Karmeliet on tapintoyourbeer.com

Is Tripel Karmeliet vegan?  

The beer itself is vegan, however the glue used in the labeling is not.

Where can I buy Tripel Karmeliet?  

Tripel karmeliet can be found in both bars and retail. You can also order it online here.

Bosteels brewery
Where is Tripel Karmeliet brewed? 

Tripel Karmeliet is brewed at the Bosteels Brewery in Buggenhout, Belgium.
You can learn all about the brewery here.

Can I visit the Bosteels brewery?  

Yes, you can visit the Bosteels Brewery. More information regarding our brewery tours can be found here.

My question wasn’t answered in this FAQ, where can I go?  

You can always fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is Karmeliet Grand Cru, and how does it relate to Tripel Karmeliet? 

Karmeliet Grand Cru is an exciting addition to the Tripel Karmeliet family, representing a limited-edition beer that pushes the boundaries of indulgence. While Tripel Karmeliet is celebrated for its unique combination of three grains and has an iconic position in the world of beer, Karmeliet Grand Cru takes this a step further. It is brewed with a unique combination of four grains, including rye, resulting in an even more indulgent beer with a creamy mouthfeel and distinct notes of spice and vanilla. 

What makes Tripel Karmeliet and Karmeliet Grand Cru stand out from other beers? 

Tripel Karmeliet stands out for its exceptional mastery, having garnered numerous awards, and it's known for its unique taste and timeless tradition. The addition of Karmeliet Grand Cru takes this to another level with its innovative use of four grains, pushing the boundaries of indulgence. During maturation, the addition of wood chips gives Karmeliet Grand Cru more pronounced and elegant vanilla notes. Both beers are brewed at the Bosteels Brewery in Buggenhout, Belgium, with a strong commitment to quality and excellence.

What inspired the addition of rye as the fourth grain in Karmeliet Grand Cru? 

The addition of rye as the fourth grain in Karmeliet Grand Cru was inspired by the desire to create an even more indulgent and unique beer. Rye contributes to the beer's mouthfeel, adding a distinct richness and notes of spice and vanilla. This innovation builds upon the traditional mastery of Tripel Karmeliet, elevating it to new heights of taste and indulgence. 

What is the alcohol content of Karmeliet Grand Cru?  

Karmeliet Grand Cru has an ABV of 9.4%

Why are you launching the first ever limited edition of Tripel Karmeliet now? 

Fans have been asking for a limited edition Tripel Karmeliet for a long time, but brewing a new beer takes time. We wanted to ensure that we did not take any shortcuts with the first ever limited edition, so we took our time to develop a recipe that is up to the level that people can expect from brewery Bosteels and Tripel Karmeliet. 

We experimented with different ingredients and brewing techniques, and eventually landed on a recipe that uses rye to add a new dimension of flavor to the iconic Tripel Karmeliet.  

We are excited to finally share this limited edition Tripel Karmeliet with our fans. We believe that it is a special beer that is worthy of the Karmeliet name, and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do. 

Where can I find Karmeliet Grand Cru? 

Karmeliet Grand Cru will be available at 150 carefully selected Horeca locations in Belgium, primarily in kegs for an on-site premium experience. Additionally, for those who prefer to enjoy it at home, 15,000 bottles of 75cl will be available for direct purchase through a dedicated consumer platform. https://grandcru.tripelkarmeliet.com  as of the 6th of november.

Can you provide more details about the limited edition aspect of Karmeliet Grand Cru? 

The distinctive journey of crafting Karmeliet Grand Cru emerged after extensive experimentation and meticulous refinement. The final preparation itself is a delicate and time-intensive process, one that cannot be easily scaled up, that is why there is only a limited amount available. It is an opportunity for beer enthusiasts to savor a truly special creation.

What distinguishes Karmeliet Grand Cru from other beers in the market? 

Karmeliet Grand Cru distinguishes itself through its unique combination of four grains, including rye, resulting in a rich and indulgent beer with a creamy mouthfeel and notes of spice and vanilla. This distinctive flavor profile sets it apart from other premium beers, offering a truly unique taste experience.

Can you elaborate on the ultra-premium and high-quality positioning of Karmeliet Grand Cru? 

Karmeliet Grand Cru is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, using four carefully selected grains to achieve a rich and indulgent flavor profile. Its limited-edition nature and the commitment of the Bosteels Brewery to excellence further emphasize its high-quality positioning, making it a premium choice for beer connoisseurs.

Are there plans for future limited-edition releases from Tripel Karmeliet or Bosteels Brewery? 

For us this is the first time we are launching a limited edition for Tripel Karmeliet, we are very proud of Karmeliet Grand Cru but we also want to get the reaction of the TK Fans. Nevertheless we are passionate about brewing and pushing the boundaries of what is possible so we will continue to explore ways to create incredible taste experiences.

How can I stay updated with Karmeliet Grand Cru and Tripel Karmeliet? 

You can stay connected with the latest updates, promotions, and news from Tripel Karmeliet and Karmeliet Grand Cru by following us on our social media channels:

Is Karmeliet Grand Cru available outside of Belgium? 

Karmeliet Grand Cru is only available in Belgian bars and we ship only to Belgian addresses.

What is the story behind the visual world you created for Karmeliet Grand Cru? 

Tripel Karmeliet worked together with the world leading CGI studio TA\VO, known for creating new worlds and pursuing mastery in art. Just like Karmeliet Grand Cru is an evolution of Tripel Karmeliet, CGI is is an evolution of how worlds are portrayed and illustrated.

What food pairings are recommended with Karmeliet Grand Cru? 

Karmeliet Grand Cru pairs well with a variety of dishes. Its creamy mouthfeel and complex flavor profile make it a versatile companion for gourmet experiences. Some recommended pairings include creamy cheeses, seafood, grilled meats, and rich desserts. Its versatility allows you to explore a wide range of culinary combinations. 

Please find the recipe for 4 people : Karmeliet Grand Cru by The Boxy Brothers:  


  • 4 tangerines 
  • 4 scoops of tangerine sorbet (or vanilla ice cream) 
  • 30 g orangettes 
  • 50 g speculoos 


  • 100 g Karmeliet Grand Cru
  • 50 g tangerine juice 
  • 10 g brown sugar 
  • 5 g lime juice 
  • 1.5 sheets of gelatine 

Jelly preparation.

Mix all ingredients together (beer-mandarin juice-sugar-lime juice ) 

Melt the gelatine with 1 tablespoon of water over a low heat 

Mix the melted gelatine with the other ingredients and place in the fridge 

Skin and peel the tangerines (pellée à vif) and cut into thin slices 

Take the sorbet out of the freezer in time so it is ready to serve 

Coarsely crush or break up/chop the orangettes and speculoos 


Divide the thinly sliced tangerines among the 4 plates 

Divide the sorbet in the middle of the mandarins 

Sprinkle with the mixture of orangettes and speculoos 

Cut the jelly into cubes and divide between the plates 

Go around the table with the bottle to distribute some more beer over the plates

How can I learn more about the Bosteels Brewery and its brewing traditions? 

To delve deeper into the heritage of Bosteels Brewery and its brewing traditions, you can visit our brewery in Buggenhout, Belgium, for a guided tour and a tasting. Additionally, you can find more information on our website, which features the rich history and craftsmanship that define our brand.

For further inquiries or specific information, please feel free to contact our media relations team at pr@beinfluence.eu

For more information about our products, please visit our website: https://tripelkarmeliet.com/

Tripel Karmeliet Can Launch
What is the Tripel Karmeliet can?  

Experience Tripel Karmeliet’s masterfully crafted tripel, now in a can. Drawn straight from our brew tanks, the can’s perfect seal locks in all its soft fruitiness and smooth, velvety taste. So, you can experience the full flavour of Tripel Karmeliet draught - wherever and whenever you like. The Tripel Karmeliet can comes in a format of a 33cl can and is also available in a 4-pack of 33cl cans.


What is the difference between Tripel Karmeliet from the bottle and from can? 

Both Tripel Karmeliet in bottle and in can come from the same iconic recipe. The bottled Tripel Karmeliet is refermented. This leads to slightly more CO2, a little higher ABV. Tripel Karmeliet in can is not refermented, that is why it is slightly smoother, and a bit more refreshing and easy to drink.


What is the alcohol content of the Tripel Karmeliet can?  

The Tripel Karmeliet can has an ABV of 8.0% 

Where can I find the Tripel Karmeliet can?  

Tripel Karmeliet can is available in Belgium, France, and The Netherlands.
In Belgium: available in Delhaize, Carrefour, Colruyt, Spar, Okay, (s)Match, Intermarché. and Albert Heijn.
In France: in selected stores of the retailer Auchan
In The Netherlands: available in Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Plus, Coop, Hoogvliet, Deka, Dirk, Poiesz.


How do I pour Tripel Karmeliet from a can in a glass? 

Serving temperature: 3-5 °C
Hold the glass at a ± 45° angle, the can horizontally.
Continue pouring in the center of the glass bringing the glass almost to a vertical stand.
If too little froth forms while pouring bring the bottle a little higher.
Ideally served the head must reach from the top of the lilies to the brim of the glass.

How do I pour Tripel Karmeliet from a can in a glass?


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