Tripel karmeliet
Tripel Karmeliet mentions 3 grains, which grains specifically? 

Tripel Karmeliet is brewed using barley, wheat and oats. Barley provides the flavor, colour and body while wheat gives our beer its lightness of body and a subtle aroma of freshly baked white bread. Finally, oats bring a creamy mouth-feel and silky finish to achieve the perfect balance you only find in a glass of Tripel Karmeliet.

Why is the year 1679 mentioned on Tripel Karmeliet bottles? 

When refining the recipe of Tripel Karmeliet in the nineties, Antoine Bosteels stumbled upon a historical recipe dating back to 1679 which was almost identical to his.
The recipe related to the Carmelite (or Karmelieten) abbey in Dendermonde, to honor the beers shared heritage the beer is called Tripel Karmeliet.

How do I pour Tripel Karmeliet in a glass? 

Tripel Karmeliet is always poured in a clean, dry glass. Open the bottle and pour into the glass tilted in a 45-degree angle holding the bottle horizontally. Then gradually tilt the glass upright until it’s in an almost vertical position and let the head spread from the top of the lilies to the brim of the glass.

How do I store Tripel Karmeliet best?  

Tripel Karmeliet should be stored dark and cool. A cellar with a stable temperature or the fridge is ideal.
Store Tripel Karmeliet upright, this way the yeast stays at the bottom.

How long can I store Tripel Karmeliet?  

You can store Tripel Karmeliet for 18 months. However we do advise to not wait for that. Savour your Tripel Karmeliet as fresh as possible for the best taste.

Is there difference between Tripel karmeliet from the bottle and from draught? 

Yes. The bottled Tripel Karmeliet is also refermented. This leads to slightly more CO2, a little higher ABV and more aromas.
It’s impossible to referment on draught. That’s way Tripel Karmeliet on draught is slightly fresher and a bit more easy to drink.

What is the nutritional value of Tripel Karmeliet? 

You can find all nutritional value of Tripel Karmeliet on tapintoyourbeer.com

Is Tripel Karmeliet vegan?  

The beer itself is vegan, however the glue used in the labeling is not.

Where can I buy Tripel Karmeliet?  

Tripel karmeliet can be found in both bars and retail. You can also order it online here.

Bosteels brewery
Where is Tripel Karmeliet brewed? 

Tripel Karmeliet is brewed at the Bosteels Brewery in Buggenhout, Belgium.
You can learn all about the brewery here.

Can I visit the Bosteels brewery?  

Yes you can visit the brewery. Our brewery tours can be found here.

My question wasn’t answered in this FAQ, where can I go?  

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